Felling: Private directional felling & Forestry

Planting: Anything from whips to large root balled trees

Pruning: Formative pruning (where the trees are pruned to specific forms, usually from a young age); Crown Reduction (where the outer portions of the branches are cut back to lower growth points usually between 10 and 30%); Crown Thinning (where some of the inner branches are removed to allow in more light and air, also more room for the remaining branches); Dead wooding (where all dead branches usually above the thickness of your thumb are removed); Crown Cleaning (where all dead, diseased, crossing, rubbing, damaged branches are removed); Ivy removal (usually done in 2 stages -1st where the ivy is cut at the base removing around a foot long section around the stem. -2nd after the ivy in the tree has died it is completely removed)

Sectional Dismantle : Live Trees (where the tree is removed in portions and lowered to the ground using complex rigging /lowering techniques. This ensures no damage is made to your garden or property unlike if it were just cut and left to drop); Dead/ Dangerous Trees (as above, but if the tree is too dangerous to climb it can still be removed using Mobile Elevated Work Platform 'MEWP' or cranes)

Emergency Callout: - 24Hour callout for storm damaged or dangerous trees. We will make the area safe as soon as possible and try to limit any further damage.

All waste can be removed if required and where possible chipped on site and recycled into bark mulch. If you want to keep the mulch that is also possible by chipping into a pile. The same applies to the timber which can be left if you want it for fire wood or removed, we can also log the timber up if you require. All of the above will be reflected in the price quoted.

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